How the Full Snow Moon on February 5 Will Impact You Astrologically

As an alternative, take a look at your particular person chart to see if the complete moon is touching your private planets, both by conjunction, trine, sq.. I like to recommend studying our Beginning Charts 101 Information, which may also help these new to astrology perceive the planets and their meanings for extra info.

How does Aquarius match into all of this?

You could be asking: Why are we speaking about Aquarius if this can be a Leo full moon? Effectively, we’ll get to Leo in a second, however for now, I need to briefly contact on February as a complete. The shortest month of the 12 months is commonly often called the month of Aquarius indicators just because the solar is in Aquarius for slightly greater than half of February (January 20 to February 18). The chilly, dry month (prepared your finest hand lotions, people!) is a time for Aquarian innovation and idealism and, against this, logic and even detachment.

Identified for being unbiased, free-thinking, Aquarius is ready to see the large image. They typically give Capricorns a run for his or her cash on their expertise for creating actionable five-year plans. The second-to-last signal of the zodiac, Aquarius, a set air signal, is the water-bearer (although, notably, not a water signal!) and one of many 4 humane indicators, that means that it’s symbolized within the zodiac by a human. The opposite three humane indicators: Gemini (twin people), Virgo (a maiden with wheat), and Libra (scales held by the Goddess of Justice). All these indicators are notably in tune with the human situation.

Aquarius is an indication that wishes to be concerned in collective change, bringing know-how within the type of water inside a vessel. Water is pure, after all, however the way in which Aquarius presents it to us is by way of a humanmade creation, thus making it simpler to hold. So, too, Aquarius is at all times discovering options to our issues, utilizing its innovativeness to additional our objectives and enrich our lives.

What’s the astrological that means of a full moon in Leo?

Now, let’s speak in regards to the Leo archetype. Whereas Aquarius is commonly making an attempt to serve a neighborhood, Leo is a set fireplace signal — a proud lion whose magnificence and power is clear in each fiber of its being. My expensive buddy Blake Kelly not too long ago remarked one thing to the impact of, “Leos are so misunderstood. They’re not demanding consideration. They’re simply that fabulous that all of us can’t look away.” I discover this to be all too true.

Leos are identified for his or her independence, creativity, exuberance, and elegance. Each signal is dominated by a planet, and most share a planet with one other signal. (Word: In astrology, we name the solar and moon “planets,” although neither are precise planets, or luminaries.) In classical (premodern) astrology, Mercury guidelines each Gemini and Virgo; Venus guidelines Taurus and Libra; Jupiter guidelines Sag and Pisces; Mars guidelines Aries and Scorpio; Saturn guidelines Capricorn and Aquarius; the inconstant, “fickle” Moon guidelines moody Most cancers; and the solar guidelines Leo.

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