Claire R. Healey

Personnel analyst

I was so excited to try my new cookware. It's fantastic. I love the way it cleans up. I was browning chicken breasts for a recipe and accidently over cooked one side and they stuck to the pan. Clean-up was a breeze. I just filled the pan with one inch of water, brought to boil and presto ... wiped right out. They still look brand new and I have used them everyday.

Wanda N. Middlebrooks


I am still learning to cook with the cookwareone Cookware. I tried chicken in it first and cooked it too long or too hot. The next thing I tried was frozen black eyed peas and broccoli with very little water and they turned out great. My next attempt was parsely new potatoes. I finally got the heat right and used very little water and trusted the cookware to do what it is supposed to. These turned out awesome. There is a learning curve especially learning what works with my stove but I'm getting there. I have two pieces and as soon as I can afford to, I will be adding another to my collection.

Gearldine R. Willson

Physical therapist aide

We love cooking eggs in our cookware. But waterless veggies is a close second. Can't wait to cook lasagna on the stove! Yes, it is easy to take care of. We do love our cookware. It takes longer to heat up, but retains heat for a long time! Tried cornbread on the stove. Was edible but need to try again. LOVE the idea of baking on the stove!!! We heard about waterless at a home show, and did a search for a more affordable set. We also wanted a brand that was made in US! We have recommended them to our family and even made another big purchase last week!!

Sylvia W. Montgomery

Film and video editor

Scrambled eggs (so far) - did not burn them; cooked evenly and cleaned up great!

Sarah P. Cosby

Industrial engineering technician

All I can say about the pots is simply amazing.

Jennifer B. Diaz

Conservation scientist

Thanks for such a great product!! More recipes and especially a conversion "chart" which explains how to do various cooking techniques utilizing the unique qualities of LA Foodmill would be so appreciated.

Vickie H. Shore

Cardiology technologist

Thank you very much!! I'm amazed at this cookware! I truly love it!

Kimberly J. Martinez

Flight service specialist

Love the pots/pans. I cook in them almost every night. Wash them in the diswasher, then use just a touch of BarKeepers friend to get them back to pure silver.